A New SPIN on Homeowner Insurance

At SPIN, we help you customize an insurance policy that is right for you. Gone are the days of being told what coverages you need. Our policies allow you to Select the coverages you want and Protect your assets at a cost that is just right for you. You only pay for the coverages you want.

What Is Homeowner Insurance?

When insuring one of your most valuable assets, you are paying for peace of mind. SPIN offers flexible insurance plans to meet your individual needs.

Homeowner insurance normally covers:

  • Coverage A, Dwelling, which provides coverage for your main structure and the items permanently attached to your main structure.
  • Coverage B, Other Structures, which provides coverage for your other structures not attached to your main structure like detached garages, fences, and sheds.
  • Coverage C, Personal Property, which provides coverage for your personal belongings not permanently attached to your interior structure of your rental unit.
  • Coverage D, Loss of Use, which provides coverage reimbursement for certain incurred expenses for fair rental value or additional living expense when your main structure is inhabitable due to covered damage.
  • Coverage E, Personal Liability, which provides coverage based on your liability to someone else for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Coverage F, Medical Expenses, which provides coverage when someone other than the residents of your property suffers an injury at your property.